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Cottevest sells a range of travel apparel designed for pocket lovers. This review is my favorite Christmas gift, a cheap men's travel jackets vest. I chose this vest, although Scottevest sold a few jackets because it can wear a T-shirt in warm weather or a jacket when the weather is cooler. The vest is fully sized for any situation. Fortunately, the vest is also quite fashionable, because I am too futile to wear just for practical use.

The advantages of Scottevest products are the number and design of pockets. This travel vest has four understated outer pockets, but the internal pockets really make it stand out from the competition. With a total of twenty-two compartments, you can meet a variety of needs, including pens, cell phones, passports, ID cards, MP3 players, sunglasses, cameras, and even oversized pockets for iPads, Kindles or books. The attention to the details of the custom pockets has improved the vest from very good to very good. For example, the outer pocket has a key clip on the retractable cord, the phone and the MP3 player pocket are transparent, allowing you to operate your device without removing them from the vest, and a sunscreen cleaning cloth in the sunglass pocket. The camera bag includes a sub-bag for the memory card,

I tested this cheap men's jackets vest during a recent trip back from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh. The vest comfortably holds my wallet, keys, cell phone, iPod, book and notebook without any obvious size or weight. Most importantly, putting these items in a vest instead of in my pocket or carry-on items, I can easily walk through the safety rope by placing the vest in the trash can. Keeping everything safe and organized is a relief. Once boarded, I placed my luggage in the overhead cabin. Everything I needed during my flight was already on me. Even after the flight, Scottevest should prove useful when traveling. According to my initial on-site test, the vest can easily accommodate everything needed for a day of sightseeing or cultural immersion: passports, guides, maps, notebooks, pens and cameras. In addition, your valuables can withstand your body, and with this cheap men's travel jackets vest you don't have to worry about picking up in heavily visited areas.